Whether it is an international or local context, it is priority number one to optimize the resources at hand and to focus on people. This applies to all services we provide: consulting, training, coaching or training design together with our clients’ subject matter experts.

Optimized resources and efficiency are not only indispensable for reaching economic results and competitiveness, but also a fundamental human need to be satisfied. Unnecessary fatigue, activities or hard work that does not lead to success is frustrating and kills any motivation.

Focusing on value added activities and avoiding waste increase at the same time productivity and motivation. A positive work environment where people are able and willing to do their very best to reach the preset organizational goals, improve the service or products provided to your customers and increase long term competitiveness.

The same principles apply to our services: only what is really needed in less time possible. Tools to train and enhance the ability to learn autonomously and share individual and team competencies to keep up the learning process after training are a fundamental part of our approach.

Whenever possible we work with a cross-functional training approach because people perform a high number of complex activities at the same time when working. Hard skills and soft skills go hand in hand and cannot be dealt with separately if we want training and coaching to be sustainable and worth the investment.

syaylaSylvie Schoch, CEO and founder of IP-International.

Sylvie is passionate about people and organizations and is convinced that the “human factor” makes the difference. She spent half of her life abroad and learned a lot from the different cultures she lived and worked with. As certified business coach and a senior consultant she founded IP-International to provide small, medium sized and big organizations trainining and coaching services in the field of Lean Management, Teambuilding, Problem Solving, Labor Organization, Communication and Cross-Cultural Competencies. Whatever service IP-International provides it focusses on people, on creativity and on a playful approach. We are convinced that high performance is fun.