Whether the result of a merger, a change in management or technology, or just the demands of a tough marketplace, significant organizational change is central to any organization and at the same time one of the most difficult strategies to implement. 
To turn challenges  into success,  not only is it necessary that management and employees have an understanding of the whys and the wherefores of the organizational change, but also it is crucial that everybody has an active part in it. The willingness  to constantly learn and to share knowledge with others, to promote a positive and collaborative culture, creativity and proactiveness are some of the most important ingredients to successful organizational change.
We help organizations turn change into success, implement new strategies, streamline and optimize processes and develop people.
It is our explicit goal  to keep training as short as possible, to focus only on what is really needed, to share learning skills and problem solving tools that participants can use in the future.

LearnInprogress, our learning methodology developed for adult learners, helps participants to focus on their individual needs and motivation, and eventually how to develop a successful strategy, how to acquire, apply, share and multiply their knowledge and competences, enhancing at the same time collaboration in teams and with co-workers.
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syaylaSylvie Schoch, CEO and founder of IP-International.

Sylvie is passionate about people and organizations and is convinced that the “human factor” makes the difference. She spent half of her life abroad and learned a lot from the different cultures she lived and worked with. As certified business coach and a senior consultant she founded IP-International to provide small, medium sized and big organizations trainining and coaching services in the field of Lean Management, Teambuilding, Problem Solving, Labor Organization, Communication and Cross-Cultural Competencies. Whatever service IP-International provides it focusses on people, on creativity and on a playful approach. We are convinced that high performance is fun.